Estonian Association of Care Placement Workers & Power4Youth:

European Seminar 2013
17-21 April 2013
In Tallinn, Estonia

Partnering with Youth In Action


(Please fill before March 10th, 2013)

    1. Information about you(th)

    First name:
    Date of Birth: (day.month.year)
    . .
    Your postal address:
    From what airport/train station will you travel:
    Phone (with country code):
    Fax (with country code):
    Mobile (with country code):
    Do you have any special requirements? – Dietary, mobility, related to religious convictions or other:

    2. Information about the partner organization you will represent

    Name of the Organisation:
    Your link to the organisation (if any):
    Please describe briefly the scope and main activities of the organisation:
    Website of the Organisation:
    Postal Address:
    City and Country:
    Reference Person and their (job) title:
    Phone (with country code):

    3. Involvement in Power4Youth

    Please indicate any way you have been involved with Power4Youth or how you came to know of us.

    4. Your motivation and experience

    What is your motivation and reasons for wanting to take part in Seminar? What do you want to learn or know after the event?

    5. Your intentions after the event

    How do you plan or imagine you can volunteer to support other young people in care in your country after this seminar? (Both big and small actions make a difference!)

    6. Your commitment

    Meaningful Participation and Commitment within Power4Youth and activities:

    Did you acknowledge the the (strict) Travel Reimbursement Conditions?
    (That you will: find the cheapest travel arrangements; ask Kersti Kukk (e-mail: for approval of travel costs (don’t book flights without consulting Kersti Kukk; keep all receipts and boarding passes for flights; return the reimbursement form after the event)

    Do you agree to arrive before 9pm on Tuesday 16th, and stay at the activity until after 2pm on Sunday 21th?

    Do you agree to actively participate to the event?

    Do you agree to read the documents and respond appropriately before and after the event?

    Will you go back to our partner organisiation and share with them our activities and activate what you learned and experienced?

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