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Power4Youth: Attachment, Belonging and Connection – ABC Training 2013 

Where: Tallinn, Estonia

Travel dates: arriving 16th April 2013, departing 21st April 2013

Activity dates: 17th-20th April 2013

Believing that young people are the BEST ADVOCATES for themselves &their peers, we want to hold a 5-day training course in Estonia in April 2013 for 35 young people with alternative care in Europe  from Netherlands, Estonia, UK, Croatia, Malta, Finland, Czech Republic & Bulgaria. Overall objective is to deliver a training themed ‘ABC: Attachment, Belonging and Connection’

Identified objectives:

  1. To offer an ABC training – understanding the theory of resilience and positive thinking, P4Y’s positive approach to being advocates for self and others; to strengthen existing network by underpinning personal &group emPOWERment.
  2. To train youth in care (disadvantaged youth) with understanding attachment, trauma, social relationships and connection for themselves and as a group, so they are empowered to be P4Y Ambassadors- National contacts for other youth in care and groups
  3. To create a safe &encouraging exchange environment where we invest in young people’s knowledge &ability to advocate for themselves in the area of attachment, belonging, connection, European networking, youth in alternative care, peer-to-peer support &non-formal learning;
  4. To share experiences, social &cultural values – exchanging life-lessons &exploring (both personal &social) attitudes in order to understand a deeper meaning of ‘postiive thinking’;
  5. To create &sustain social cohesion for young people with fewer opportunities &promoting peer-to-peer contact and create a European youth in care network

Working methodology, topics &success factors include

1) group bonding;

2) exploration, discussion &exchange of alternative care in Europe;

3) training in a positive paradigm, focusing on how to project themselves &their messages in a positive, constructive &empowering way;

4) educational exploration &exchange of theory, practice and EU policy for the represented youth;

5) Ambassadors for Change. Methods applied will be on principles of non-formal education, including: strengths-based approach, learner-centred &co-creative partnerships, peer training, cooperative learning, interactive platform for exchange; group &individual work, knowledge investment.

Recognising that investing in youth and peers is an investment in the future of Europe, youth with care experience are the best (positive) advocates for themselves &their peers. It’s as simple as ABC!




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